Our Mission

why are we doing this?

Connect to your best self....

Beed's mission is to help our members connect to their best selves by providing products they love at bargains and doing great things for society in that process.

We are devoted to building a platform that brings people together and delivering great experiences. We believe strongly that you can grow a business as a community of people, do social good and still deliver exciting customer experiences. As a novel solution, we are challenged to do things differently and that includes offering mind-blowing discounts on products - making it possible to get stuff even for free, and championing delivering experiences as products. When we bring people together offering amazing experiences, which makes them excited, then connecting to the best self becomes the ultimate experience. And a great reason to be alive.

Simply, beed's mission is to connect you to your best self.


Beed auctions are the best way to get maximum exposure (low prices always attract buyers) and get the highest competitive price for your products. It's the best way to sell/buy things at bargain rates and best for selling unique/rare products with no fixed priced tags.

Beed uses a community auction model which is remarkably different from the regular auctions services. It offers a lot of opportunities for Beed and our members to create value. Beed's all-live coin bidding auctions have been used in a number of ways to create amazing customer experiences and support social good.

While still making sure that we retain the old - The regular auction as you know it, delivers the ultimate experience for certain kinds of products and people.

Beed offers tools that do alot more in terms of delivering convenience, speed, ease and reach at no additional cost to our members.

Our Team

- Creating Passionate Members

Beed has an amazing crop of people doing amazing things - from our advisors to contributors and tech engineers. Our small team doesn't just focus on building the best tool, our focus is our people - creating passionate members that connect to their best selves.

We're a tight-knit crew that loves what we do. But our time is not confined to our computer screens. But, from Beed auction events to service trips and parties. Anything really that makes life worth living - we 're in.

Join Our Team - Authenticity is What it is.

Meaningful work means different things to different people. For us here at beed - We focus on bringing people together and delivering great experiences. We do this by offering our members the opportunities to get things they desire at bargains - and help others create value for the rest of us. This is what keeps us up late at night and gets us out of bed in the morning.

Forget about being a creative innovator or technologist - our goal is to create passionate and happy people getting what they want using Beed. So, are you a maker at heart, do you love creating magic for others, do you love to build things at incredible speed, do you see more than meets the eyes and love questioning things?

We love the different and the unusual. We will love to hear from you - if your loyalty and focus is to the people who use the tool and not the tool.

Our Company

Beed is a brand name of Beedcom Interactive Services Limited. Beed is a community of people that craves great experiences - we employ a diverse team of people and cultures. We love to work on ideas that have positive, real and meaningful impact on our people and the society.

We 'll love to hear from you!!

Address: 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos State.
: 50 Gospel Road, off Peter Odili road, PortHarcourt, Rivers State Email: [email protected]
Phone: +234 (0)802-888-4975